Why should I maintain a healthy weight?

Many people know that maintaining a healthy weight is important and can affect many areas of your life. Some take maintaining their weight more seriously than others and that’s okay. We are not made to be machines that are constantly dieting, training, repeat. We do have responsibilities, jobs, etc., that we have to do daily.

Below I will just explain to those wondering why we should maintain a healthy weight, because it is something that is very important to live a functional life.

Why should I maintain Healthy Weight?

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for a person’s overall health and can help them prevent and control many diseases and conditions. Many medical problems come in effect once a person lets themselves become an unhealthy weight. If someone is overweight or obese, they are at higher risk of developing serious medical issues.

Some medical issues that can happen include, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers. That is just some of a large handful. Maintaining a healthy weight helps you lower your risk for developing such problems, helps give you more energy to get through the day, and who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror?

What Is Overweight and Obesity?

A person that is overweight can be opening themselves to many issues. What is overweight and obesity? Being overweight means when a person has extra body weight from muscle, bone, fat, and/or water on their body. Obesity is having a high amount of extra body fat. If a person ever needs help figuring out what weight and fat percentage they should be at for their age and height, the Body mass index (BMI) is a useful measure of those nervous of overweight and obesity.

The information that the BMI includes will show you where you need to be and some even teach you how to reach and stay at a healthy weight. You can always talk to your health care provider as well if you are concerned about your weight and they will be able to give you some information or techniques as well.

What Factors Contribute To a Healthy Weight?

There is a handful of factors that can contribute to a person’s weight. These factors include environment, family history, genetics, metabolism and behavior or habits that you may have become dependent on during your daily life. A bad habit that most people have is getting a large soda or a coffee every day of the week.

A person’s energy balance is important for maintaining a healthy weight. The amount of energy or calories you get from food and drinks you have during the day is balanced with the energy your body uses for things like breathing, digesting, and being physically active. When a person eats and drinks that means energy is going into ones’ body. When you breathe, digest, etc. energy is being taken out.

If a person puts the same amount of energy in and energy out during the day then their weight will stay the same. If a person puts more energy into their body, meaning eating or drinking excessively, than the amount of energy they put out, this means weight gain. Lastly, if a person uses more energy than the energy they put in, that means weight loss.

Basically, what this is saying in a simpler way is that if you eat a lot and your not being active to run it out, then it will turn into fat in your body. You want to either put in the same amout of energy or less than what you put out for the day so that you don’t cause weight gain.

To maintain a healthy weight, your energy that goes in and out don’t have to balance exactly every day of the week. It’s the balance over time that helps you maintain a healthy weight. So if you have a day out of the week you want to have cookies and ice cream, or a pizza and a soda, that is okay.

So what do I do exactly to get to a healthy weight?

You can reach and maintain a healthy weight if you:

  • Follow a healthy diet, and if you are overweight or obese, reduce your daily intake by 500 calories for weight loss
  • Become physically active or stay active if you already are
  • Limit the time you spend being physically inactive, so get of the couch and take a walk, or even clean because we all know that can make you sweat!

If you ever have any questions about anything that was discussed up above, don’t hesitate to ask me!



3 thoughts on “Why should I maintain a healthy weight?”

  • This is a great information for someone like me who isn’t consistent about her healthy diet. Sometimes after taking my time to exercise, I can just seem to stop my junk food cravings. Uhmm the struggle is real. And I got to be more consistent.

    Here is my question; After checking your BMI and you realised what you’ve got more are muscles, how to do adjust/balance that?

    We all know if it’s fat, the solution would be exercise! what about muscles? this is something that has ben=en baffling me for a while now.

    • Having more muscle mass to your body is not a bad thing! A lot of people would kill to have more muscle than fat on their body. Having more muscle mass means that the body is kickstarting the fat burning process. Having muscle is one of the key things to weight loss. If you ever are worried about having too much muscle, I always suggest talking to your doctor, but most of the time they will say it is not a bad thing. 🙂

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