What is the best blender for smoothies

I have gotten a lot of emails about doing a review of a
product that I use a lot that has to do with some of my posts. Well, I have
done a post on what about top weight loss drinks and smoothies was one of them.
Smoothies are a great weight loss drink and can get you to drop pounds very
quickly. I am doing a review today on the Ninja BL456. It is the best blender
to make smoothies for weight loss in my opinion.

The Basics

Ninja BL456 is the best blender for smoothies because it has 900 watts of power (one of the strongest)
that breaks down your fruits and vegetables to get all the nutrients and
vitamins that you need to go throughout your day. It also has two different
sized ounce containers such as 18 oz and 24 oz that are easy to pop off, put on
your lid and go anywhere you want. You are able to blend, cap and drive if you
have to. How neat is that??

This Ninja BL456 manually pulses at such power that it will
crush ice, seeds, skins, stems, and frozen ingredients for a smooth, even consistency
in your smoothie and that’s what we all want, right?

Plus, this blender is the easiest thing ever to clean! It is
dishwasher safe and all the pieces come apart so you can ensure to clean every

What can this blender really do?

· Smoothies– This blender will make sure that
fruits, leaves, sees, nuts, and oats are all mixed well into a smooth
consistency. I promise you won’t have any chunks in there!

· Frozen Items– This blender is also known for crushing
ice so well it turns almost into snow, meaning it’ll be easy to make you favorite
shaved ice or margaritas for a girl’s night out!

· Juicing– this is not for you if you are looking
for a juice fast. This blender won’t juice your fruit for you, only make it into
a smooth consistency


· Dressings, dips & sauces– YES, YES, YES. This
blender is very capable of making simple dips and dressings by chopping and
pureeing anything you can set your mind to!

My opinion

I have been using this ninja for god knows how long and I am
addicted. It has lasted forever and it makes the best, smoothest, smoothies I
have ever had… Even better than most smoothie restaurants if you ask me! You
can put almost any ingredient you want into this blender and it will turn it
into a smooth drink for you to enjoy on the go or at home.

However, if you are
looking for a blender that juices to do a juice fast, this is not for you. It
won’t juice your fruit, only turn them into delicious smoothies, that if you
make them right, will make you drop those pounds so quick you will have to go
shopping for new pants, like me today!

What is has done for me

I have been using this blender to do my 21 day smoothie diet
that is also included in my post of best weight loss drinks that I have
successfully lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. This is amazing and you have to try
it! All the reviews on this blender are amazing and most say that this is the
best blender to make smoothies in! Try it out and let me know what you think!

–>Ninja BL456<–

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! ????

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