Stay motivated when losing weight!

The hardest thing about starting a new diet regimen or trying to lose weight can be staying motivated. I have also faced this awful obstacle myself when I was trying so hard to lose all the weight I gained through a messy relationship.

A lot of people find it hard to stay motivated when losing weight and it can cause you enough stress to actually cause weight gain rather than weight loss, which was the opposite of what you intended to do in the first place. So, How do you stay motivated when losing weight?

I am not saying all these tricks will help for all of you, but these are the top ones that seemed to help me, and trust me, I am a hard person to keep motivated!

Weigh Yourself Daily

One tip that I had found very helpful was to weight myself daily and write it down. You will not only see your weight go down if you stick to your diet plans and exercises but you will also see water weight fluctuate too. So don’t get discouraged if you see your weight go up for a little bit! It is a normal bodily function!

Take Pictures Daily

I know that this tip might fill up your phone or may seem useless to do, but trust me, it works! I started taking daily pictures to track my weight loss and when I did you can tell little changes in every photo. After several photos you will be able to see significant changes and it will keep you going!

Set Weekly Goals

You can always set goals for yourself, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. However, the one I found that helped me best was weekly. I was able to set how many exercise days, how long I exercised during the week, etc. Once I did this weekly, it was easier to handle.

If you start planning monthly, it can help but it could also stress you out to see so many things ahead of you and so much to plan out that it will cause you to give up.

Set Deadlines

As well as setting weekly goals, you can also set other sorts of deadlines for yourself. You can set amount of pounds you want to lose each month until you are to your goal. You can also set a huge goal for yourself, such as losing enough weight to rock your favorite swimsuit for a vacation, or a favorite outfit for a family reunion. The options are endless.

Goals like these are easier to keep yourself motivated with and can help you reach your goal faster.

Again, staying motivated when trying to lose weight can cause you to give up on your weight loss journey. Don’t give in! If you need any help or need any questions answered, ask away! 🙂

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