Foods to avoid to lose weight

Not all foods that you have been told are healthy necessarily are. A large amount of people only look at the percentages on the back of boxes and not totally look into other ingredients and how much of percentages should actually be. I know I struggled for a while determining what was and was not healthy. Here I will provide you with the foods to avoid to lose weight because I know I still ate some of these when I was trying to achieve my goals.

French fries and chips

Man, this is a hard one to avoid. French fries are probably my favorite thing in the world. Unfortunately, it is very unhealthy. They are high in sodium, as well are chips. These two foods are very unhealthy.

However, they are made out of potatoes, which if you bake or broil the potatoes and eat them plain, they are actually very healthy and are very filling.

Most Drinks

A large number of the drinks you have every day are filled with sugars and sodium. Even some of the 100% fruit juices and fruit waters out there. The company adds extra sugars or “flavorings” to make it taste better and make you come back for more.

Most drinks will put a low percentage next to the sugar category on the box and then hide sugars with different words within the ingredients. Either way, my suggestion is to stick to water and green teas.

White bread

We all know that bread can be fattening but we eat it anyways. Want to know why? It has sugar in it. I know that bread wouldn’t seem to be a food with added sugar, but how do you think it has you coming back for more.

Breads are one of the top foods that cause us to gain weight. A healthy alternative is wheat bread and those of you who can’t have gluten can try cornbread or almond flour bread, which I must say is delicious.


This is a hard one for me because I enjoy a glass of wine every once in a while to come down from my stressful days. However, all alcohol, especially beer has many calories. Even those that say they are low in calories have extra sugars, and don’t have the amount of carbs or proteins in them that help you fight fat loss.

Ice cream, cakes, cookies, junk food, oh my!

All of these foods have extra sugar added to them. These are one of the hardest things to give up because they tend to be addicitng for most people. However, these are the leading causes of weight gain and can potentially lead to obesity if you don’t limit yourself.

Always read the labels

If you are unsure if an item is healthy, read the back of the box. Try to avoid foods high in sugars and sodiums, that means they are a highly processed food meaning they are the worst thing for you to eat.

If you ever have any questions, just ask! 🙂

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